April Preview Releases

Heya everyone! Gen here.

I’m super excited to announce what we’ll be making and releasing this April!

Check out this vertical preview below 😀

For our Comic Book Releases, we’ll be making our fan art versions of the anticipated Arcade that goes well with our terrain kit releases. We’re continuing our versions of the spidey villains with fan art Electro and Kraven! We’re also continuing our canadian line with fan art Vindicator 😀 We’ll also be closing out the Factor line with Multiple Man! He’ll have 2 versions where on one 35mm base he’ll be by himself, and another 50mm version with 3 copies of him. We then have fan art Honey Badger and Domino for more fan art X-Men releases. For our spidey release, we’re making fan art Spiderman 2099! Another villain we’re working on that may branch out to a new line of releases coming forward is Lady Bullseye! Talking about new line, we’re starting our fan art Fantastic Four with fan art The Thing 😀 Another 2 releases is our Goons of the month – fan art Hydra Goons! 😀 Aaaan lastly, we’ll be announcing our Painting Competition winners with the 2nd place winner having to decide what could be made as an additional release for April 🙂

Continuing our Arcade theme terrain kit release, we’ll be making a Carnival terrain kit! The picture above alone shows some terrain kits we’re making so stay tuned to see what we have in stored! It’s gonna be topsy turvy!

For our Fantasy releases, our Undying theme has come to life! With the Necromancer leading the way, we will releasing our versions of the Wraith, Cadaver Collector, Animated Armor, and Death Knight! With some inspirations from newly released games 😉 It’s gonna be epic!!!

Phew 😀 We have so many releases now in C27 <3 Thank you for sharing the word with your friends about all the awesome stuff here. We love how the community is growing and growing! 

Lastly, Our last March releases will be out on Tuesday 9pm EST instead as we’re test printing our last stuff including Moon Knight, Wolfsbane, our 75mm figures of the month, Skrull Goons, terrain kits size 3 and 4, and we finally have an addition to our base scatters in our Vault Aaaand good news, I figured a way to use MMF for our Vault releases as wel. So i’ll be taking the day to upload everything there too.

More updates soon <3

C27 Minis & Terrain

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