June Release Previews! + Announcement

Heya everyone! 

Gen here. As we prep for our last releases for May, I’m super excited to announce what we’ll be making and releasing this June! This month has been SUPER fun and we’ve been making the most fun stuff. I hope you’re happy with our releases so far! 

For our Comic Releases, we have 10 hero characters, a crowd group, and a token character! We have Gamora for our GOTG, Iron Man to continue our Illuminati group, Northstar for our Alpha Flight, Daken for our Wolverines, Shatterstar for X-Force, our Age of Apocalypse run Nate Grey, Ghost Rider and Phyla Vell for our Cosmic minis, Luke Cage for our Defenders, and Man-Spider for our spider characters. Since we’re making Bank Robbers this May (to be released on May 31), we’re making hostages for June! And for our character token, we’re making Howard the Duck!

For those wondering about our Fantastic Four lineup, we have a special announcement next week!

For our Fantasy release, we’re in the realm Blood and Fangs! We have Von the Vampire, our Blood Hunter, our Werewolf, Ghoul, and Gargoyle! These are gonna look SO FIRE. Forge has been doing great with our Fantasy releases so far! Can’t wait to see these!

Aaand finally for our Terrain Kit, the long-awaited Atlantis Terrain Kit theme will now start this June!

Check out the image previews here! Then a short announcement below 😀


We will start releasing 75mm versions of our miniatures starting this June! We really like adding that extra detail, and having our minis in this scale would showcase those well and be able to use for display! 

Also, we will be include some busts as well. If you see a release you like, feel free to suggest we make a bust version for you to scale up and paint for display as well 😀

Lastly, on a personal journey, I’ll be finally moving to the UK around the beginning of June, I’ve started prepping for this so it wouldn’t affect our overall content but most likely we will start releasing our Comic Characters around the 2nd week of June. I’ll keep everyone posted in our Discord! Wish my wife, our cats, and I some good luck!

So yeah, looking forward to a kick ass June! Let’s reach 900!!! Special release anyone?

Cheers and more success to us all,

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