March Minis Release Preview!

Heya everyone! 

As we finalize our last releases for this February, I’m super excited to announce what we’ll be making this March!


This March, we’ll be releasing our fan art take on these awesome characters! Our 8 dedicated comic book miniatures are Super Skrull, Nova, Shaman, Wolfsbane, X-23, Hobgoblin, Miles Morales, and Moon Knight! We’re now entering the cosmic realm of characters. So excited! There’s so many characters we’d love to make!

I’ve left 2 spots open where I will pick a suggestion from our Discord channel “🧜-minis-suggestions”. As we are a growing amazing community, please add at most 2-3 suggestions there 🙂 By the 2nd or 3rd week of the month, we’ll be choosing and releasing them for that weekends loot crate.

A lot of ya’ll really enjoyed the Target Goons from this February. I’m happy to announce that we’ll be making more goons this month! Coming, is the infamous Skrulls!

For our awesome terrain kit for Platinum and Omega supporters, we’ll be making our version of Arcade’s MURDERWORLD! This is going to be absolutely bonkers. I’m so excited!

So yeah, I’m really happy to announce these! Thank you again for your support, we at C27 reaaaally appreciate you 😀 Also as you’ve noticed, we’ve set our releases primarily to weekends 😀 We’ll try to make it earlier in the weekend but rest assured, your weekends will always have C27 with it <3

Finally, last announcement, there’ll be some changes/improvements with our Patreon soon <3 I’ll leave it at that for now. Nothing to be alarmed of <3

Hope you’re excited for this weekends loot crate! We’re finishing up everything we can <3 and don’t forget we have an ongoing painting competition! 

Appreciate you all <3

C27 Minis & Terrain

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