Our 3rd Weekend Releases Now Released!!!

Heya everyone! Gen here 😀

Wow, look at all our releases together! So lovely 😀 We’ve just completed our stack of minis for December WITH an additional 2 more christmas special extra releases as well! 😀 I hope you’re just as happy with all our stuff we’ve released! Thank you for always being so positive about our stuff and enjoying them as much as we love making them! We’ve got a new year ahead with new plans and vision to unfold <3 I’m looking forward to it! I hope you are too! Stay tuned <3

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running! For those who’ve just joined, please check your inbox within 24 hours for your MMF invite. If you haven’t received one, feel free to message the #mmf-tickets channel in our Discord server.

Showcasing our THIRD set of Comic Miniatures this month, we have:

Bucket Head (Best name by Snike(Adam))

aka Bulldozer

Lady Valhalla (Best name by Predat0rPrime)

aka Lady Sif

Wack-A-Dude (Best name by Darkson Designs)

aka Mole Man

Note: All moloids are also separate stls!

F-Eye-R (Best name by McWetty)

aka Phoenix 5 Cyclops

Mr. Self-Absorbed (Best name by SonOfABurch)

aka Sebastian Shaw

Thanks again for an awesome month everyone! Feel free to drop your suggestions in our Discord server for our upcoming minis <3 Feel free to suggest some teams for consecutive months too! We’re excited for the new year!

Gen <3

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