[PUBLIC] September Minis: 90s Mutants with School Mansion Debris + Black Jet Bird

Titanium Daddy, Violet Bushido, Jean Bae, and The Headmaster has just been released to all Antiheroes, Heroes&Villains, Omega Level, and New Gods tiers! Please refer to this post for the download link and password-


Hi everyone! For September, we’ll be continuing the rest of the OG 90s mutants lineup to complete for core characters 😀 Telekinesis Woman, Blue Furball, ChanglingMan, Professor Eks, Titanium Daddy, and Psionic Ninja Lady. We’ll also include Unstoppable Muscle Man as our baddie inspired from the episode “The Unstoppable Juggernaut”. However, instead of a random construction site terrain kit like in the episode, we’ll be making a destroyed School Mansion for Youngsters debris pack and the Black Jet Bird! The list of items in the kit will follow as we’ll discuss what major elements should be in the kit. 

Lol, more creative names coming soon.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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