1st April Loot Crates Up + The C27 Vault on MMF!

Heya everyone! 😀

So glad to announce our first releases this month! They’re all uploaded now in MMF and should be available when you go to the Library > Objects Shared With Me tab 🙂 

This weekend we have our April Fool’s Day mini – Bully Magee along with Jungle Boogie hunting his way and Lady Luck with all bullets hitting everything around her except.. her lol We will also release another variation of her but with afro hair in the upcoming weekends 🙂 

For our fantasy release, leading the way is the Necromancer! Both in 32mm mini scale and 75mm display scale. Raising the dead, and making monsters in the upcoming weekends!

And for our Terrain Kit, continuing our Arcade theme, we have the shooting bazooooooka and carnival plinths to scatter in your game mats! 😀 

Also, I know how buggy our C27 Vault was last month in MMF. I’ve tested it again this week, and figured to keep it in one user group without subgroups. Although that’ll require us to really browse through it without categories, it makes it easier to handle with email invites and such. It should be available in your Objects Shared With Me under the “The C27 Vault” Tab.

Starting this month, we will have our minis inside the Vault in rotation with some past releases. So along with all the stuff we already have in the Vault plus the minis unlocked from Patreon Goals, our miniatures in rotation this month are from the Force Team – Clawman, Violate Bushido, Blue Harpy, 3 Brain Xeon, and Avocado Offspring!

Enjoy everyone! We have more release this upcoming weekend! 

Also, heads up, on the 3rd weekend, it’s Holy Week here. Tacos, Forge, and I will be off our workstations to spend the Easter weekend with family. We will resume our weekend releases on the 4th weekend of April! 😀 

C27 Minis & Terrain

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