1st March Releases! + 2 Special Announcements!

Heya everyone!

Our first releases of the month are here! 😀 

I’m super happy to announce the release of the community poll miniature – Dr. BAD VIBES! 😀 Haha! He is the miniature chosen to be shared with the FB Group – 3D Printing for MCP. This week’s release is also blessed with GOB HOBLINSKY! We’re really trying to improve sculpting our bases 😀 So glad some of you pointed it out in Discord 😀 

And I’m super happy to announce as well that we have our first 2 Terrain Kit scatters for our Murderworld Pinball area exclusively for Early Gold, Platinum, and Omega supporters! Can you imagine what it’s gonna look like?

Aaaand, I have a special announcement to confirm..

YES we will have a Murderville game mat! <3 Exciting!!! This is go along with our Murderville theme for the next few months in our Terrain Kit releases 🙂 It will be released in the first week of April in our C27 Vault.

And an EVEN MORE special announcement.

It’s been requested by many..

It’s been recommended by fellow Patreon creators..

It’s been in our minds to do for quite some time..

And we’ve finally learned to do it. With the help of the Founder of Kyoushuneko Miniatures.




That’s right! We’ve finally took the dive and listened to all the recommendations to move over. The best thing about it? It now acts as your storage for all previous releases. That’s right. You read that correctly. We’ve uploaded ALL our previous miniatures and terrain kits AND added the emails you used for Patreon to gain access.

What does this mean?

After you’ve read this long message, please check the inbox of the email you used for Patreon. That email would have received a download notification and invite to MMF (if you haven’t signed up already with that particular email). When you sign in using that email address, you will then see ALL the previous releases that you have supported up and ready for download at any time. No more storing them locally in your PC. No more losing access to files. No more losing files at all! Now they’ll all be stored really nicely in MMF for you download whenever you like 🙂

The minis in the months that you’ve supported will show up in the Library > Objects Shared with Me section. 

However, we will still use MyAirBridge for the C27 Vault 🙂

Quick Instructions:

Before anything, head on over to the inbox of the email you used to sign up for Patreon.

You would’ve received an email like this. Make sure to check your SPAM folder as well! Follow the instructions to sign up for an account with MMF. This account will give you access to all the releases you are entitled to. Please remember to use the email that you’ve used to sign up for Patreon. This is important.

Then, go over to myminifactory.com hover over the top right profile pic and click Library.

Lastly, go over to Objects shared with me on the left panel, and voila you will see C27 Minis & Terrain! And all the previous releases you’ve supported <3 super grateful for you!

Go ahead and check it out 🙂 You’ll then be able to download our first releases depending on which tier you’re supporting.

Thanks again so much! 😀 Looking forward to seeing everyone’s prints 😀

And oh.. I almost forgot. We have another IMPACTFUL surprise coming this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates 😉

C27 Minis & Terrain

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