Here comes our minis for this weekend’s loot crate! 😀 

I bought a new lightbox thing that has 2 strip lights above with a white cloth right below it to soften the light. Hehe. I think it make the test prints looks quite cool 😀 What’s your photoshoot space look like? Feel free to share in the #workstation-photos in our Discord server 😀

Gold Tier Download Post:

Plat/Omega Tier Download Post:

This print came out cleaaaaan! I tried improving the supports for this big bad boi so it’s easier to remove. More with our balding eagle as well. I hope that our supports are getting better and better! Thank you everyone with your tips, guidance, and mostly patience 😀 No where to really watch out for when removing supports, you can just rip off the “after hot bath” supports quite easily.

Oooooof this guy came out CRISPY! 😀 I love how his wings turned out. I tried optimizing the supports on him with mini supports so it’s not too crazy when removing them. Quick tip, take off the supports with the hands and fingers first, then the top layers of the wings, then middle, then you can just pull off the bottom 😀 that’s how I was able to remove the supports of the many feathers and fingers without breaking them. Again, remember to submerge him in medium to hot water after IPA washing for around 30 seconds to be able to easily nip off or lightly pull the supports 😀

He also came out clean! No dangers really in taking off the supports except for his sword but remember to look at the base and remove the supports and mini supports in the crevices! 😀

These were all printed in the Elegoo Mars 3, layer height 0.04, exposure 3s, in 20-23 temperature celsius 😀

Enjoy everyone! Can’t wait to see your paints and prints 😀 

C27 Minis & Terrain

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