2nd Weekend July Loot Crate Releases!!!

Behold! MORE EPIC releases for our July Loot Crate!

Heya everyone 🙂 Gen here!

I’m super happy to showcase our new releases for this weekend 😀 For our patrons, they are already available in our MyMiniFactory group 🙂 If you’re new, it may take a day to get your email in. If it takes more than 24 hours, feel free to shoot us a message here in Patreon! 🙂 Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running!

Have you seen Love and Thunder yet? I really enjoyed it! I just treated it like a light comedy flick 😀 We can talk about it more in the #movie-spoiler-chat in our Discord if you like 😀 In any case, here’s our fan art version of Gorr! Or as Exequiel requested, GOD HUNTER!

Another comic release, we’re continuing our AoA run with Magma Flyer! (as pegged by Exequiel as well! You’re on fire with the names!) see what I did there lolololol. Here’s our Sunfire AoA fan art miniature. Anyone taking the challenge to replicate this render below in print and paint? 😀 

We’ll have more comic characters next weekend! 🙂

We have another miniature added to our Fantasy lineup! The Arrow Demon!!!

Aaaand now feast your eyes on our additional vehicles for our terrain pieces this month! We have a Bike Rack for our Bikes last week, a super cute Scooter, AND the fantastic Flying Bath Tub! Named by Bomb Squig! 

The Flying Bath Tub has been cut and ready for printing with a build plate the size of an Elegoo Mars and of course with bigger build plates 🙂 Also, remember to add holes to the presupported files if you’re not using our Lychee Scene. You can also feel free to move the hole pegs to your liking with our Lychee Scene.

Here’s the pieces and size chart for the Flying Bath Tub.

We’ll have even more releases next weekend! Stay tuned and invite your friends! 😀 Help us reach our goal this month of 900 😀 

Lastly, I’m working on our own website! 🙂 This will have ALL our past releases for purchase in one site with an Add To Cart feature! It’s almost done. I’ll need to test it out on my end and upload all our previous stuff. I’m no good at web design but thank God for YouTube tutorials. Can’t wait to launch it soon! It’ll be good to go in the next few days 🙂


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