90s X-Men Miniatures! – August Release


Hi everyone! 

I’ve just sent all the STLs of the character and terrain kit through download link to your Patreon inbox. All the characters, sentinel, and props are Lychee pre-supported. Although, I’m still waiting for the arrival of my resin that’ll arrive on Wednesday. They should be ok, but if you’d like to wait on my test prints, I’ll be posting them in our Discord by then. The terrain architecture STLs are good to go with FDM printers but I’ll need an extra day to cut them into smaller pieces for an Elegoo Mars print bed. For the construction notes, please refer to our Discord thread. I’ll be posting instructions there by tomorrow.   

All the characters have specialized 35mm bases.

As this is my first release for minis, I’d looooove some feedback. Please let know how you like it and how they need to improve in our Discord. I’d really appreciate it!

I appreciate you all very much! For those who are new, welcome!!

Stay tuned for what our September minis will be!!! I’ll make the post shortly 😀

C27 Collectibles


Heya! Here’s the final terrain pack look 😀 I’m pre-supporting our character minis and terrain minis and send over the files on the 30th 😀

Thank you so much! And to those who signed up these past days, I really appreciate it! Feel free to comment or add anything to any of the Discord threads. 😀 I’d love your input and conversation 🙂



Heya everyone! Check out this update for our X-Men characters 😀 I added debris rock bases, improved both Storm and Wolverine’s pose, and added Rogue and Gambit. I’m making the cuts for them and the terrain kit and pre-supporting them. I’ll be able to send the files of the 30th 😀 Thank you so much for your patience!



Hi everyone! Gen here! I’m pleased to announce that we’re now releasing MINIATURES in our Patreon! 

I’m so happy to start this with you all. I’ve opened a new $8 tier that will include both the miniatures character pack and terrain pack for the month. Both packs are now ALSO included in the Heroes&Villains tier and the New Gods tier! For those already in the H&V and New Gods tiers, you’ll be getting MORE for the same pledge <3 Included in H&V and New Gods still includes our monthly scale poll model 😀 

For this month’s miniature pack, we’ll be releasing something nostalgic. And what’s more nostalgic than the birthplace of the name C27 – the 90s X-men! If you remember the very first episode (i can link it in our Discord, hehe), it was the episode where a sentinel bursts through a shopping mall trying to get Jubilee. So this is the scene that the terrain pack will revolve around.

Here’s what’s included in the miniature pack this August.
Character Pack:
– Cyclops
– Wolverine
– Jubilee
– Storm
– Rogue
– Gambit
– (might add more)
Terrain Pack:
– Escalator
– Pillars (Broken and Upright)
– Shops (2 modular pieces)
– Floor (3×4 modular piece)
– Broken Floor
– Broken Walls (2 right-angles)
– Railing
– Arcade Machine
– Gumball Machine
– Trash Bin

All these will be released on the 25th of August! I’ll make a Discord channel to show close-ups of the WIP models <3

Again, thank you so much for your support! I’m so grateful for each of you.

C27 Collectibles

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