Angela RKS Collab WIP

Hi everyone! Posting some updates here for the current progress of Angela <3 She’s just finished the entire blocking process and will now go through adding details and refinement <3

Enjoy the work in progress shots from the oldest being working on the proportions to the pose to the anatomy then to blocking all the elements 😀 My main focus for the proportions and anatomy was to make sure she was a true heroic figure being 8 heads tall. Then for the pose, for it to demand presence 😀

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel! I have the recordings of the sculpting sessions sped up 6x to be able to watch it faster 😀
Genesis Asis Art – YouTube

You can also check out my Twitch channel 😀 I go live there almost everyday at 7am(GMT+8). I’m trying to make it earlier 😀


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