April Characters Lineup Preview!

Heya amazing C27 community!

Gen here, with an awesome update. Our fan art Absorbing Man and Grand Moff Tarkin will be sent out tomorrow! Meanwhile, I’d like to announce what we’ll be making this April! Also important message below!

As April supporters, you’ll be getting these characters as exclusive early access before they hit our webstore in May. They will be released every weekend starting April 8! What a stacked list! Thank you for suggesting in our Discord server. I hope you’re as excited as we are!


For our Marvel Fan Art minis, we’ll be making:

  • Knull
  • Blue Marvel
  • Hogun (Warriors Three)
  • Meggan (Excalibur)
  • Nick Fury (Classic)
  • Clea (Classic)
  • Pirate Kitty Pryde
  • Phoenix Force Magik
  • M’Baku
  • Shanna

For our Extra Releases Fan Art minis, we’ll be making:

  • Robin (Classic Teen Titans)
  • John Constantine


We’ve just ended March and the reception to our new extra minis have been great! Although we didn’t reach our intended goals, we’d like to continue making extra releases on top of our regular TEN Marvel Fan Art minis

Moving forward, we will be having TWO “extra releases” as a category. This means, we can venture into different fan art miniatures that will be voted by YOU in our discord server. I’d like to do more Star Wars/DC fan art minis in the future but perhaps when an “upcoming” board game releases 😀 Unless of course voted by our discord channel #extra-releases-suggestions! 

Let’s try this together? We’ll do it for the new few months to see if it hypes up! TMNT? Star Wars Legends? DC Metal? Mad Max? Start suggesting them in our Discord server! Add a max of TWO suggestions per person per month and vote by using the FIRE emoji!

Always appreciate you all <3

C27 Studio

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