April Release Poll Suggestions


Last day to add your suggestions! If you could, add in an image link to what you’d like 😀 

I’ll be closing the suggestions until March 29 so we can start voting until April 1!

Hello there! I’m opening the poll for next months loot! Some suggestions were a duo for next month? Either standing or doing something together whether fighting, kissing, leaning on each other… anything! What do you think? 😀 Comment your suggestions below and I’ll add it in the poll 🙂 

I’ll get the ball rolling and add the first suggestion – Rogue Fighting Captain Marvel! From the recent rumors that Rogue is the next villain for Capt. Marvel 😛 

Here’s a cool photo: https://imgur.com/AD31R12 

Voting closes On April 2!  Comment your suggestions now!

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