April Release Reward – Scarlet Witch (WandaVision)

Heya Patreon fam! Our april reward has been sent to your Patreon inboxes 😀 Man, this was one fun project for sure! I tried to get some part of Elizabeth Olsen’s likeness. I think it’s kinda there 😀 I need to keep practicing with likenesses for sure.

Have you started printing? I’m printing the 1/12 scale version at the moment 😀 If it all goes well, I’ll be able to send out the pre-supported files <3 Feel free to post in our Discord server if you’ve started!

This May’s model is super FIRE. Another literal FIRE. Haha, STARFIRE vs BLACKFIRE LETS GO!!! I’m going to do my own research for the poses instead of leaning towards a concept too heavily. Excited stuff! Thank you everyone again for your support <3 I appreciate you all and our conversations and fun in Discord. Love you all!


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