Big Announcement! Much Changes to C27 Patreon

Hi everyone!Β 

Gen here representing both myself and Tacos from C27 Collectibles. We have big changes to announce and I’m very excited to share them with you all. I truly believe these changes with help our community keep growing into the direction we’re currently on. We’re so happy to see this community grow and enjoy making all these fun stuff. We’re truly inspired when we get encouraging words and be amazed by your prints and paints. We love discussing with you all in our Discord community as well. We’re so grateful for you all <3

Unfortunately, there will be some changes to our Patreon content moving forward. We believe it’s the right step towards a sustainable and growing community. We also believe it will create the space both you, the community, and I to create awesome stuff πŸ˜€

Here are the major changes happening to C27, effective immediately.

1. *Thanos Snap* We will no longer create scale 1:6 models

Moving forward, we will focusing our efforts on creating miniatures and terrain kits. The potential for growth, creations, painting competitions, goals, and such are quite wide. We really love the growing community these past 3 months and would like to push forward in this increasing trajectory.

Personally, I’m very thankful for the scale models community we’ve build these past 1.5 years. You’ve helped me grow and improve on my sculpting and printing skills. I really appreciate each and every one of you. You’ve helped my family in the hard times and I’m tremendously grateful for what we’ve accomplished. My favorite sculpts are definitely our Scarlet Witch, Gambit & Rogue, and Captain Carter. If ever I do make scale models again, it will probably go through Fundrazr. This will allow me the time to create epic stuff without the limit of 1 month for a detailed model. Stay tuned for updates on this.

What this means:
We will have changes in our tiers that takes effective immediately. However, everyone on your current pledge still gets what you’ve pledged for. Gold tiers get both characters and terrain, current Plat and God tiers get minis and scale model, Omega and God tiers are merchant.Β 

For Plat tiers, you will receive Jane Foster Thor on the 30th (cutting and keying now), She-Hulk on the 15th for November supporters (wips in Discord, files to be sent through Patreon inbox).Β 

Our new tiers are as follows:

🟑 Gold Tier – $10

  • All monthly rewards are placed inside our OneDrive folder- Monthly Loot Crate:
  • Miniature characters STLs with bases (unsupported and pre-supported)
  • Renders
  • All minis are scaled for most superhero skirmish games
  • Access to The C27 Vault
  • Access to private channels in C27 Discord server

βšͺ Platinum Tier – $15

  • All monthly rewards are placed inside our OneDrive folder- Monthly Loot Crate:
  • Miniature characters STLs with bases (unsupported & pre-supported)
  • Miniature terrain STL pack (unsupported for FDM, pre-supported for SLA)
  • Renders
  • All minis are scaled for most superhero skirmish games
  • Access to The C27 Vault
  • Access to private channels in C27 Discord server

πŸ”΄ Omega Tier – $35

  • Ability to sell printed minis and terrain of our releases
  • All monthly rewards are placed inside our OneDrive folder- Monthly Loot Crate:
  • All Gold and Platinum Monthly Loot Crates
  • Access to The C27 Vault
  • Access to private channels in C27 Discord server

God tier, since we no long create scale models, feel free to drop down to our Omega tier to keep being our official merchants πŸ™‚ Thank you for your support!!

Before talking about what “The C27 Vault” is, let’s talk about a few other changes.

2. OneDrive

We will be moving our download links all the OneDrive. OneDrive is way easier to work with and also preview in our browsers since they show thumbnails and folder previews. We really love the OneDrive layout! Check our latest download link posts with the Download Link filter to check them out.

3. C27 Logo Change

Since we’ll be focusing on miniatures, our logo and brand changes from C27 Collectibles to C27 Minis & Terrain πŸ™‚ Our socials will follow this new naming after a few days.

4. Β The C27 Vault

Here’s where the fun begins πŸ˜€ We are opening a new system in our Patreon called the C27 Vault! Here is where all the extra fun is released to all current and upcoming Patreon supporters. This is an ever growing library that will be exclusive to pledged Patreon members only. The link to the Vault will be renewed every month with a private Patreon post.Β 

In The Vault, you’ll gain access to a variety of awesome stuff!!! Here’s a glimpse of what we already have in The Vault right now.

  • Custom Bases (Plain bases + fire and rock modules) – you’ll be able to create your own bases as we provide the modules for base creating!
  • Miniatures (Weather Woman, Jean Bae, Blue Sulfur Devil)
  • Hazard Room Game Mat
  • Previous Patreon collabs (The Extra Guy, Kyoushuneko Miniatures, Space Cat Miniatures)
  • Terrain Modules (Arcade Machine, Trash Can, Machine Turret, Broken Jet)

We’ll be adding more awesome stuff throughout the months to keep growing this amazing library for us all. Concrete bases? Sentinel modules for bases? Seasonal Events? Painting competitions? Goal rewards? It’ll all go through here!

We’re so excited to get your feedback with this and see this evolve! For now, check out our latest post “The C27 Vault” post and access the link from there πŸ™‚Β 

5. Goals

And lastly! We now have Patreon count Goal rewards!!! We’re so excited for everyone to gain access to all these goals when we’ve reached the number of targeted Patreon count.Β 

All goal rewards will be accessible to everyone once the goal is met. As a sample, our 200 Patreon goal is our Plain Bases plus Fire modules and Rock modules for you to create your own base designs with 3D builder! Since we’re now at 289 patreons, it’s been released in The Vault under Custom Bases. Tutorial post on creating your bases coming soon!

Our goals rewards are based around custom bases, custom minis, and custom full dioramas πŸ˜€ They are in achieved every 100 interval πŸ˜€

Our next goal is 300. This is what’s waiting for you.


Holy crap. This destroyer of all, the damn OP, most powerful mutant that wiped out almost everyone is gonna be available to all in The Vault after we hit 300. Invite your friends and family πŸ˜€ We’re only 11 away for this miniature in 65mm base! Alt names in our Discord? πŸ™‚


And yeah, that’s all the changes C27 Minis & Terrain has now been published. Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much!! We’re really excited to see this grow with you and really appreciate each and every one of you.Β 

Please, please, please, let us know what your thoughts are through either Discord or the comment section. We’re so happy with how everything is going and will keep going because of your support. We appreciate you all!!!

And oh by the way, with these changes, we’ll now release 10 miniatures a month starting December πŸ˜‰ Our next minis will be.. more details in our next post. Hehe.

Again, thank you all! You make this place AWESOME!

Gen & Tacos
C27 Minis & Terrain

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