Coming This January! (Characters Release Preview)

Heya everyone! Gen here with updates of what we’ll be releasing next month! 😀

This December has been a super blast with awesome minis 😀 We have an awesome line-up coming for January! Thank you for your suggestions in our Home of C27 Discord server <3

We’re back this January in assembling our teams and new line-ups! 

Closing out our Wrecking Crew fan art (FA) team we have:


We’ll be having space for another team, come February!

Continuing our Phoenix 5 FA:

Phoenix 5 Colossus!

Continuing our Hellfire Club FA:

Jason Wyngarde!

Since we released Lady Sif last month, we’ll be making the Warriors Three, starting with:


Adding to our Defenders FA lineup, we have:

Elektra upcoming!

Starting a new line of heroes, we have:


He’ll be the first release, smack on January 1st! 😀 

Starting a new line of X-Men from the Savage Lands, we have:

Savage Land Storm!

For our Savage Land X-Men FA, I plan to allow all the base designs to connect well when without the base plates <3 It’ll be like a little diorama! <3

Of course we have more villains as well! Here’s some coming as well:



And Cassandra Nova!

And, coming back, we have goons this upcoming month! Adding to our goons we have:

A set of 3 police officers! (not in these poses above)


I’m really looking forward to our upcoming year of 2023! Of course we’re quite flexible, we can switch up to do other teams/individuals hehe We love doing diverse characters! Keep them suggestions coming!

We will also have a poll in the first week of January for a free gift for the Facebook group 3D Printing for Marvel Crisis Protocol! We’ll be picking 10 suggestions of the thread there and bring it here for us to vote on 🙂

Tacos will be posting our January Tabletop Terrain line up tomorrow!

Aaaaand, we have even more updates coming for 2023! We’re just finalising everything hehe. Updates soon! <3


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