December Patreon poll Model

Thank you everyone who voted for our December poll! As you can see above, our Patreon voted model is MYSTIQUE! Such a cool character 😀 My fondest memories is from the 90s TV show and ofc the original X-men series. I found this is really cool flowing concept from Meghan Hetrick (top right) to show her seduction. I think I’ll retain the 90s costume though. Perhaps if there’s extra time, her costume from the 2000s animated series as well.

I’ll be working on her right away and often times in my Twitch channel. Feel free to drop a follow to get notified. Although I post in our Discord whenever I’m on 😛

Also, Gambit was a really close call with Mystique. Let’s add him to next month’s finalists in the poll 🙂

Lastly, we’re 8 patreons to our 100 goal! I would really appreciate it if you could share our Patreon to your socials 🙂

Much love to you all
– Gen

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