Early Release for our Last Character Mini for November!

Heya everyone! 😀 

Gen here! Here we are at the end of November! My family and I have just celebrated thanksgiving this week and I had to mention that I’m very much thankful for you all 😀 Also, as most know through Discord and Patreon posts, my wife will be induced to give birth this Sunday! 😀 We’re super excited 😀 To prep, I’ve already test printed and uploaded our last character mini for this November into our MMF <3 

Orc Empress (Best name by Tux_M and pa11ad1n)

aka Madelyne Pryor

Enjoy everyone! Tacos will be uploading the remaining tabletop terrain these upcoming days as well and will update everyone once they’re in our MMF 🙂 

Again, thank you for November! I hope you enjoy this video renders I’ve made hehe looking to bump up our visuals 😛 

We already have some preparations ready for what’s coming in December! Stay tuned <3 and keep them suggestions coming 🙂

Each character contains:

  • 40mm Scale STLs
  • 75mm Scale STLs
  • Seperated by character, base design, and base
  • Presupport Files
  • Editable Lychee File
  • Render

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running! For those who’ve just joined, please check your inbox within 24 hours for your MMF invite. If you haven’t received one, feel free to message the #mmf-tickets channel in our Discord server.

Thanks everyone, you all are very much the best 😀


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