February Monthly Loot! Huntress!

Hey there 🙂 Just made my final update to Huntress!  😀 I added surface details to the clothes (i need to make close up renders lol), edited the pose and legs, improved upper clothing with stitchwork and surface details, etc. I’ll be taking it to the last process – cuts and keys then it’ll be made available to all Superheroes and Supervillains a few days later 🙂 Thank you for all the feedback! I’ll make more renders too. I hope you like this new render style 🙂 I recently learned Keyshot from a friend and it’s working wonders! I’m really liking it. I’ll use this method to post major updates.

Speaking of updates, I’m also updating how I send files. I’ll be re-arranging things in my Google Drive and will post about it shortly 🙂

You’ll get this STL very soon! Then.. On to the next one from our March Poll! If you haven’t commented your suggestion yet, do so here. I’m excited to get on to the next one for your votes! Voting will start on Feb 28 to March 3.

Heya 🙂 I added details on to the shoes, pants, belts, and added the props on her as well. I also improved the cape 😀 I hope you like it. I think it’s getting along quite nicely 🙂 Next to do – Upper body and base!

Just made her crossbow 🙂 Found some pretty spot on references from the movie release crossbow. Pretty happy with how it turned out!

I switched up her pose with her arm and made the cape behind her arm. I hink it looks for interesting that way. I improved the tightness of her pants and improved the negative space between her legs. I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks for the feedback Steve! I also improved her face a little and added better polypaint. I’m going to start detailing her crossbow next 😀

About finished blocking in the major parts 🙂 I had a fun time sculpting the pants. I was thinking to try Marvelous but decided to brush up on my sculpting this time. I’m actually still contemplating whether to add the staff. I really like her design in the film. I get to practice cloth as well so I’m pretty excited 😀 time to add secondary forms!

As voted upon, this is another addition to this month’s loot – Huntress! In celebration to the Birds of Prey release. I’ll upload the WIPs and Final renders in this thread 🙂 I’m excited to go see it in theatres. Are you? 😀 

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