First Loot for February!

Behold, our first loot this month – Satellite Winters and Spider in the Shell!! 😀

I”m glad with the reception of our first minis 😀 I’m excited to release all we have in store for Feb… and more 😉 I have another surprise that’s been requested both in our community and in the FB commnuity. Something to try out to see if ya’ll like it 🙂 If it’s received well, we’ll continue it.. monthly? We’ll see 🙂

Gold Tier Download Post: 

Plat/Omega Tier Download Post: 

I received remarks of our last releases in January that the supports were getting too dense. I think I’ve improved them here. If these are perfect, then I think I’ve got the hang of what’s need for pre-supporting and will keep doing the same method onwards. I appreciate all your patience in my road of making good pre-supports.

For our Satellite Winters, not much instruction here, just be careful with removing the supports in the gun area. It’s always best to submerge the minis in hot water after IPA for around 30 seconds to be able to remove the supports easier. Also watch for some mini supports throughout the pouches and armor areas. They’re easily removed with an X-Acto knife.

Loving this print too! I’ve recently got the Anycubic Wash N Cure Plus. However, for small minis like our girl here, I don’t use the spin feature for her but instead dip n raise her mini in the alcohol container for around 2-4 minutes manually. I found that sometimes, the spin is too strong and may hit other models and damage or cut off her tiny fingers. For her mech, I had to just be careful with removing supports in the claw areas.

Both minis were printed on the Elegoo Mars 3 with 0.04 layer height, 3s exposure, and 60 lift speed.

Enjoy printing these! I’m very exciting to see your prints and paints in our Discord server and in social media <3 

Also 13 hours left for our poll! Will the tides turn? There’s still time to vote changes! :O

C27 Minis & Terrain

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