First Release of October! The Angry Gladiator!!

Feast your eyes! He comes smashing through! Now released for all October patrons!

The Angry Gladiator! Best name by new patron VarykT!

AKA Planet Hulk

He’s now available to all October patrons! Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running! For those who’ve just joined, please check your inbox within 24 hours for your MMF invite. If you haven’t received one, feel free to message the #mmf-tickets channel in our Discord server.

His 40mm scale on 65mm base is now released on our MMF private patron server 🙂 We’re currently re-supporting and test printing our 75mm scale. He’s quite big! So his 75mm scale will be ready during this week 🙂

Also quick update on the Helicarrier for Sept, it’s almost done presupporting and FDM test printing 😀 More updates still in our Discord server!

For more visibility as well, here’s what we’re releasing for this October’s tabletop terrain for Plat and Omega tiers!

Enjoy everyone! 


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