Five Minis Poll Winners! (For June 2023)

Heya everyone!

Thank you for joining our first miniatures Patreon poll! It was such a thrilling ride! From getting suggestions, Discord fires, and watching the numbers on the Patreon poll go up! I hope you enjoyed it as well 😀

Here are our winners!

  • Wolverine (Brown Suit)
  • Hulkbuster
  • Throg
  • Gwenpool
  • Black Knight

Very awesome winners! The reference pictures above dont necessarily mean we’re using that pose or costume just yet. I’ll need to research and concept! Feel free to shoot some awesome references in our Discord server 😀

We have five more minis to be decided for June! I’ll announce what they are in the last week of May 🙂

For those options that didn’t win, don’t worry! You can bring them up again for the Discord suggestions. The channel will be opened at the end of the month!

Looking forward to the next poll!


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