Free Miniature Poll for 3D Printing for MCP FB Group!

Heya everyone!

Gen here 🙂 We’ve sent out a retro form a month ago where one of the questions was where’d you find out about C27. Majority of our community that answered the form came from the FB Group – 3D Printing for MCP. A few weeks ago, the admin of the group asked if any of the designers or painters would like to give something back to the community. Well, of course I replied and said we at C27 very much would love to do this!

So I posted a new discussion in the group and asked them to comment their suggested model to for me to make to give to them free as a thank you gift for being very accommodating to our posts and discussions. I’ve picked 10 of their suggestions and of course it’s up to you, our amazing Patreon community to vote for the winner!

This means apart from our monthly release this February, I’ll also be making whoever wins this poll 😀 I’ll add them to our C27 Vault and also give out a download link to the 3D Printing for MCP Facebook group 🙂

Only one rule really, please vote for your TOP THREE only. The results come in Excel format on my side where I can run a formula to remove any lines that have more than three votes so please only vote for three! 😀 The poll will run until the 5th of February 🙂

I’m super interested in all of these characters so feel free to vote away!

Remember, only three votes per person 😀 Enjoy!



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