Getting The Ball Rolling! – 1st August Loot Crate!

Heya everyone!

Gen here! Welcome to August! Let’s get the ball rolling with our first releases for August!! We’re so glad to showcase what’s ready for you!

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running!

For our comic releases, we have..

GHOSTFACE SPIDAH! 😀 Haha thanks astrangerdanger for the awesome alt name 😛
She comes in 2 versions, unmasked and masked! Hope you like her!

Check out our Discord server for wips of our current sculpts! War Machine is shaping up with a few more tweaks to make it easier for printing 😀 He’ll be out at next weekend’s loot crate releases!

For our fantasy releases, we have the amazing HARUMAN!!!!

And of course for our Vehicle releases, we have the Dolly Cart and Platform Cart! There’s some vials there that are recognisable 😛 

We also finished with test printing the Titan Copter! Now released for both July and August patrons! 😀

Enjoy everyone! Glad to have August releases started! We’ve got a lot more awesome stuff this month! 😀 Road to 1000? 😛 

C27 Studio

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