[GOLD TIER] January Download Link

Heya Patreon fam 😀 Here’s the download link for our minis and access to our C27 Vault for this month for our GOLD tier fam!

You can also opt to wait till the end of the month where we will send the overall download to yoour Patreon inbox 🙂

Monthly Loot Crate Download Link:
[Removed and sent to Patreon inbox for January supporters]

Plat and Omega tier, you can get your links here:

Loot Crate Released:
– 3 Brain Xeon (Fantomex)
– Stinger Green (Scorpion)
– Night Dubstepper (Prowler)
– Avocado Offspring (Deadpool)
– The Mighty Fishbowl (Mysterio)
–  Face Off (Chameleon)
– Mr. Boom (Havok)
– The Walking Rug (Sasquatch)
– Dr. Acula (Morbius)
– Licky Tongue (Toad)

Added to C27 Vault:
– The Gamesmaster (50mm and 65mm)
– Puertamadremoo VS The Odd Surgeon (Dormammu VS Dr. Strange )
– Limbo Queen

C27 Minis & Terrain

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