Huntress Planning Sheet

Hi everyone! This is my planning sheet for Huntress. I’ll push for Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s likeness and have the costume as close to the movie as well. I’ll deciding whether she’ll be in a standing pose or and jumping one. If you guys have a preference, feel free to comment 🙂 For the variants, I’ll make her variant head with the classic Huntress mask, and have a variant “classic rooftop” base. 

If we are able to achieve the $100 per month goal, I’ll upgrade the simple base to a simple design with some design elements to it. Be sure to share to your friends! Speaking of sharing, I’ll be posting some public posts. I received some feedback that when my Patreon is visited, there’s not much samples the viewer can see. Which gets me asking, how did you come across my Patreon? I would love to know more on how to market this better in order to give my Patreons more content as well.

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