It’s Time for Weekend 4’s Releases!

Heya everyone! Gen here from C27 😀

Super excited to share you with you more of our early access releases for our amazing community <3 We have such a awesome lineup already released and we’re adding more! More new at the end of the post!

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running! For those who’ve just joined, welcome! Access to our releases in MyMiniFactory are given every weekday at 10PM (London Time). Please check the email you used for Patreon in the inbox, spam, or junk folder for the invite! If you haven’t received the invite, please message us in the #patreon-tickets channel in our Home of C27 Discord Server 🙂


Showcasing our newest addition of Marvel Fan Art Miniatures for this month, we have:

Lifestealer (Best name by ImmortalTerror)

aka Black Queen Selene 

Showcasing our newest addition of DC Fan Art Miniatures for this month, we have:


With super high fire reacts for best alt name!

Conroy (Best name by astrangerdanger)

aka Batman (Batman Animated Series) 


So happy with our releases this month! And we still have two more! Our fan art Savage Land Rogue and Stepford Cuckoos will before next weekend and just for our February supporters!

We’ve also just hit 1000 patrons this month! Looks like we may be keeping our DC and Star Wars fan art content if we continue to hit 1000 supporters this March! Invite your friends, LGS, and turtles! 

Enjoy <3


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