Just watched Birds of Prey!

I just watched Birds of Prey! It was really good! You should go see it. It really captures the crazy, frantic, and unorganized brain of Harley as she’s narrating the story. The back and forth banter and short jokes were on point! So as the sound design. Those bone breaks and nuts cracks were felt like it was happening to me lol. The character arc was felt, the integration of all the casts stories coming to play was okay. Could’ve been done better but hey, it was enjoyable 😀 I like how each character is so different from one another. The villain was meh. Not great, but not horrible either. I’m a little confused about him. I love all the characters and they’re unique desings. I also got inspiration for the Huntress sculpt I’m making now 😀 

Are you going to see it?

Personal Rating: 8/10

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