Kyoushuneko Miniatures: Free Minis!

Heya everyone!! 😀 Gen here. I’ve been in talks with a couple of Patreon creators to help bring in new content that I’m hoping you’ll enjoy! 

I’m pleased to announce that Kyoushuneko Miniatures is sharing 3 of their ninja units with our C27 community! 

I’ve properly scaled them for MCP and included 25mm bases of our previous bases just in case ya’ll want a different size base for grunts if you don’t like them on one base. They also fit on 50 or 65mm bases if you’d like to put them there together though 🙂

Feel free to download them in the C27 Vault > Miniatures > Collaborations > Kyoushuneko Miniatures > Ninja Units folder.

Gold Tier Download Post:

Plat/Omega Tier Download Post:

Hope you like these free minis! I’m in talks with more Patreon creators and hope to cross collab with them for us as well <3



Kyoushuneko Miniatures

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