Magik! Upcoming March Release

I recently finished a course from Game Art Institute (now, Vertex) called Digital Sculpting for Collectibles by Jack Mathews. I’m really serious about improving and making quality collectibles! The first online course I took was years ago from CGMA. Then I self-learned a lot and got help and guidance from my colleagues. I worked for a miniature company for a year until my client wasn’t very easy to work with. With collectibles though, I wasn’t too confident. But after taking this course, I was glad to know that my workflow is right and validated. All my self-study of reading, watching tutorials, etc, was worth it! The course was really insighful, helpful, and I really learned a lot of new things but it was expensive for me though. So this Patreon is really helping me a lot since I had to credit it first. I’d say… worth it! And thank you for your patronage. I feel like I can have the means to keep improving, take the right courses/classes, and keep my dreams alive.

Magik was my project during the online course and I really learned a lot about posing, making details, refining the figure, and hair… lots of hair. I chose her since the movie New Mutants will be out in April. She has a unique pose inspired from Frank Cho and a killer base inspired by Mico Suayan. Her pose was the hardest to do. The balance between being faithful to the reference and keeping her anatomically believable was a hard one. But with the help of Jack and my classmates I was able to work it out. Although I’ll add flames to her sword and details the base a little further, I’m happy with how she turned out before the class ended.  

I’ll be giving her to all my Superheroes and Supervillains as the first release of March while the votes are being tallied from our monthly poll. After the votes are final on March 5th, I’ll work on the sculpt with the highest votes. As always, my Patrons get first access to anything being sold in any online store at an insanely cheaper price.

How do you like her? Have you commented your suggestion on our monthly poll yet? I’m excited to open the poll and start voting! I hope you are all happy about this February’s releases. Looking forward to keep working with you 🙂 

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