March Release Update


All STLs, renders, and pre-support file has been sent out! Thank you again everyone for your patience for March’s release. It was a sick struggle but I’m beyond glad with how Angela turned out! I also made these renders for you all for painting references. I tried to replicate how the model would look like with painted textures and not necessarily realistic materials. Kinda cool I think I’ll keep on with it hehe. Time to get her to the print bed!!!

I’ll be making my video update tomorrow 🙂 I’ll also be back on my Twitch streams this week. Stay tuned! I’ll be working on our Scarlett Witch <3

Love you all


Heya Patreon fam, thank you for your patience. I’m about done with detailing our Angela and made some renders for the original costume. I also was able to finish up the alternate costume, add the ribbons on both costumes, and add some skin details throughout her face and body. Only thing left to do is cut and key. I’ll be sending out the files for the March supporters tomorrow.
Good news though, my covid results came back negative! It’s been hard these past 2 weeks. My doctor diagnosed me as pneumonia with asthma. I have meds that go till the end of the week. Hopefully by then I won’t be reaaallly low energy and I can stream and communicate with yall again. I miss talking to you all fr 🙁 I’ll reply to all the messages here and across socials and on Discord when I can. Hope this goes away soon.

Thank you for all the kind words. I’m doing my best and ya’ll bring me up. Thank you again for your support and patience.

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