May’s Miniatures Line-up Revealed!

Heya amazing C27 community!

I hope you liked our April releases! All minis have now been uploaded to our MMF group! <3 Can’t wait to see all your awesome prints and paintwork!

For our upcoming May supporters, you’ll be getting these characters as exclusive early access before they hit our webstore in June. They will be released every weekend starting May 5! We’re super exciting to share these with you all!


For our Marvel Fan Art minis, we’ll be making:

  • Moondragon
  • Classic Vision
  • Captain Britain
  • Ka-Zar
  • Mr. Fixit
  • 1MIL BC Ghost Rider
  • Dagger
  • Donald Pierce
  • Oracle (Imperial Guard)
  • Scream



Extra Releases Info:
We may still have extra releases here and there, but we’ll prioritize our TEN Marvel minis up and foremost. And when we have extra time, we’ll pick from the #open-extra-releases-suggestions channel in our Discord server! Place your :fire: reacts to the ones you’d like!

We’re starting a new way on how our minis we’ll be picked every month! I’ll make a post about this TONIGHT! I’M EXCITED! Check tonight 6pm(London)!

Always appreciate you all <3

C27 Studio

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