Merry Christmas! (Special Christmas Day release)

All files have been sent out for this Vampirella Christmas Bust! 😀 Remember, you need to download two things:

1. Unmarked files – found in Patreon inbox
2. Marked file (torso) – found in your personal email

Perhaps next month, I’ll remove the Christmas outfit <3

Thank you again for your support! Queen Maeve and Mystique will be sent in a day or two <3

Much love,


Hi everyone!! Merry Christmas! Here’s my gift to you all – a Vampirella Christmas bust haha something done on the side. I hope you like it! Perhaps in sometime I’ll make her as a full body figure. For now, I just want to give you all a little gift as a thanks for all the support. I appreciate each and every one of you! I’ll drafting out a plan for 2021 on how to grow and make quality stuff for our Patreon. Again, Merry Christmas everyone! I’ll be sending this all your emails after marking shortly. 

Much love,

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