New Additions to January Loot Crate!

Heya everyone! Gen here. So happy to show our first minis this January. Although I’m having the flu and am mostly drowsy, I’m super happy to share these with everyone! The test prints came out very well. When I feel better, I’ll take proper pictures and post them here and in our Discord. 

I’ve increased the tip size of our pre-supports to 0.3 and heavies to 0.5 as advised in our recent feedback form. I’ve also included the Lychee file for everyone so you can dial in your tip preferred tip settings. Simply use the Select Supports in the dropdown menu in the top bar and change the tip settings. Hopefully providing this file, will also help have more successful prints for all! The file is located in the “Lychee Scenes” in the Miniatures Loot Crate folder.

I’ll do my best to get better so I can be more active again in our Discord server 😀 I’ll also reply to all messaged when I’m at almost 100 😀 Thank you everyone for your patience!

Gold Tier Download Post: 

Plat/Omega Tier Download Post: 

C27 Minis & Terrain

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