New Additions to our January Miniatures!

Heya everyone! Gen here 😀

I’m excited to announce our four brand new miniatures, early access exclusives to our awesome Patreon community before they hit our webstore. Including last week’s fan art Hawkeye, we now have FIVE minis already released for our January miniatures!

Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running! For those who’ve just joined, welcome! Access to our releases in MyMiniFactory are given every weekday at 10PM (London Time). Please check the email you used for Patreon in the inbox, spam, or junk folder for the invite! If you haven’t received the invite, please message us in the #patreon-tickets channel in our Home of C27 Discord Server 🙂


Showcasing our newest additions of Comic Miniatures for this month, we have:

Wyngardium (Best name by Predat0rPrime)

aka Jason Wyngarde 

Continuing our fan art Phoenix 5 minis:

Metal Firebird (Best name by Megga)

aka Phoenix 5 Colossus 

Closing out our fan art Wrecking Crew:

Dodge Baller (Best name by Moondancer)

aka Thunderball 

And starting our fan art Warriors 3:

Banquet Bonanza (Best name by osoi)

aka Volstagg 


Enjoy these awesome releases everyone! 😀 We have more releases next week! Feel free to share your awesome paintwork in our Home of C27 Discord server! 


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