NEW Patreon-Supporter ONLY FEATURE! Suggestions & Voting!

Heya everyone! We’re doing a NEW feature ONLY for our Patreon supporters!

We will now have FIVE of our miniatures line-up to be voted on by YOU, our amazing community!

How we do this is through Discord then to Patreon Poll.


Connecting Patreon to Discord

If you haven’t connected your Patreon to our Discord server yet, here’s the instructions:

1. Go to our Patreon page
If you’re our supporter that month, you will have access to the Membership tab.

2. Go to the Membership tab

3. Scroll down and press the Connect to Discord button.

From there you will be able to head to our Discord server (C27 Community) and will be automatically assigned a role that would give you access to our Patreon only channels. Like our suggestions channels!


Here’s the instructions on how this will all work!

1. New OPEN Channel
Every month, we will open a new channel with the name OPEN followed by the MONTH it is for and the CONTENT. For now we will only use this feature for our Marvel miniatures.

Example: ⁠open-june-marvel-suggestions

2. Add Your Suggestions
After we open the channel, you have 3 days to add your suggestions, maximum of TWO suggestions per person. Those three days will be scheduled from the last two days of the month to the first of the following month. For example, April 29 – May 1.   Here’s the FORMAT you’ll need to use in order for your post to be included in the suggestions list. Lack of information may result to removal of your suggestion.

– Name of Character (ONE character only per suggestion)
– Associated Team/Faction (if any)
– Costume Name (if special)
– Photo

Please do not include photos of teams.  
Please do not repeat characters that are already suggested.  

C27 Admins and our 🔱 GUARDIANS have the power to remove your suggestion if it violates these format rules.  

3. Suggestions Channel will LOCK, Discord Voting BEGINS
On the 2nd day of the month, the suggestions channel will now get LOCKED! This means no more suggestions can be posted! Now is the time to look through the suggestion channel and place the FIRE emoji to place your vote! You can vote for as many as you’d like. We will pick the TOP TEN HIGHES FIRE suggestions! Make sure to place your ow FIRE emoji to your own suggestions too!  

4. Patreon Poll BEGINS!
After the Discord voting ends on the 2nd day of the month, we will gather the TOP TEN HIGHEST FIRE suggestions and place them on a Patreon-only POLL! This will run from the 3rd to 4th day of the month!   

5. Top 5 Winners Announcement!
Aaaand we will have FIVE winners by the 5th day of the month! The FIVE highest voted upon entries will then be chosen for the following month’s line-up!

We will then be able to start working on them, in preparation for the following month’s releases!   

So far, we will have FIVE of our minis voted by our community, and the other FIVE minis chosen by the C27 Team. Total of TEN unique miniatures!


Our #open-june-marvel-suggestion channel is now OPEN in our Discord server! Head on over there and place your TWO suggestions! The channel will get locked at the end of May 1! 

We will only do this for our Marvel fanart minis for now. For our extra releases, feel free to add your suggestions there and when we have extra time during the month, we will pick from that list!

I hope everyone enjoys this new feature! <3


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