New Releases for Our Amazing October Community!

Heya everyone! Gen here with some good news!

Our new releases for you, our amazing October patrons, are now uploaded in our October MMF groups! 😀

They’re now available to all October patrons! Feel free to check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and get your printers running! For those who’ve just joined, please check your inbox within 24 hours for your MMF invite. If you haven’t received one, feel free to message the #mmf-tickets channel in our Discord server.

For our comic minis, we have:

Crew Leader! Best name by patron Cyporiean!

AKA The Wrecker

Crimson Cranium! Best name by patron pa11ad1n!

AKA Red Skull 

Empath Alien! Best name by patron Askanidog!

AKA Mantis

And for our tabletop terrain release, we have:

The Tank Container!

And here’s the Assembly Guide! 😀 

Enjoy everyone! We’re also going through our MMF library to reuploaded grump files. Our goal is to have everything going well and done by the end of the month 😀 

More releases next weekend!


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