November Miniatures (Platinum & Omega Tier) Download Link

Heya C27 Fam 😀  I hope you’ve seen our latest post regarding our partnership with Bamforge! You can check out the post here:

Thank you again for your support <3 We’ll be adding to this download link throughout November. Feel free to check our Discord for more frequent updates.

Download Link:
[Past November – new link sent via Patreon Inbox]

Characters: The Baltic, Noisemaker, Messiah X, Tinder Flint, Seismic Shatter, Jello Thiccc, Stepford Momma
Terrain Kit: November Terrain Kit (Size 2 – 4 scatter)

Character Card update:
Messiah XFeel free to re-download the Messiah X .7z file to get the updated Messiah X character card 🙂
Jello Thiccc – To be added soon 😀 Seismic Shatter – .7z file reuploaded to include character cards <- just released! 

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