October Miniature Rewards!

Announcing the character minis for October pledgers!

Tenenenen nenen Tenenenen nenen NENEN!

(names may evolve)
– The First Born
– The Cardinal
– Mechanical Hephaestus
– Rockstar Blue Angel
– Seductress Shapeshifter
– Phaser and her Purple Dragon
– Demon Teleporter

Hahaha, naming these are way too fun. Ya’ll do way better than me. Can you think of better names?

Also, what kind of terrain kit would you like to receive? We’re currently in talks within C27 and have some ideas but would love some input first. Feel free to comment here or in Discord!

As always, these minis will be released periodically throughout the month of October 😀 Thank you for your support! This is tremendously fun!

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