October Miniatures Download Link

Heya C27 Fam 😀 Here’s our download link for out October minis. I’ll continually add to this folder through the coming days 🙂

Download Link:
[Past October – Compiling and Sending via Patreon Inbox]

The Blue Sulfur Devil and the Bad News Teleporter has been added to our download link’s roster! Excited to see your prints 🙂


The Shared C27 Community files for Angela, Mystique, and Magik rescaled by Genosha Impact are now in the download link!


Our Blue Harpy and Stranger Danger has been added to our link! They were amazing to work on 😀 Remember, we separated the base designs and the base. Feel free to use them as you like! Also, feel free to scale up and down as you see fit 🙂 


WallThinner has just been added to our link! 😀 Enjoy the printing everyone! 😀

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