Our C27 Vault Is Turning Into “The C27 Vault 2023” Next Month!

New Post Edit (31 Dec)

Heya everyone! Gen here 😀 

Thank you for the great suggestions regarding this thread! We really appreciate the engagement and giving alternate ways to go about this 😀 We’ll open a new MMF group for everyone upcoming in 2023 and name it C27 Vault 2023 and retain the current C27 Vault and rename it to C27 Vault 2022! We absolutely love that suggestion and will do that moving foward. This means if you’ve been subbed to us in 2022, you’ll keep that C27 Vault 2022.. forever 😀 

We’ll have more updates to our C27 Vault 2023 soon. Could be a different system from 2022’s Vault 😀 

Thanks again everyone! I hope everyone is going to have an awesome New Year’s eve 😀 We’ll have our first release for January TOMORROW! 😀



(old post)

Heya everyone! Gen here.

The items in our Vault may be changing this upcoming 2023! Be sure to download the items you’d like now as we may be removing some and may be adding some as well for this upcoming “C27 Vault 2023”! I’ve rechecked the items that were said to be buggy and they are good and downloadable as of checking today.

Feel free check your Objects Shared With Me in MyMiniFactory and head to the C27 Vault sub-category!


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