Patreon Cross Promotion! – September 2021 (Download Links)

We’re excited to announce C27’s first cross promotion! A cross promo is when Patreon content creators exchange a few of their models with each other to provide exposure to their communities. We’re happy to promote these three awesome Patreon miniatures creators! 

Please check our their Patreon links and enjoy the free STLs they’re giving to our community 🙂 

Dark Galaxy: The Void
creating a Tactical RPG, Miniatures, Short Stories, and other stuff!

Patreon Link:
Download Link (GDrive): Click here! 

is creating Cyberpunk, Mechs, Weapons and Sexy Battle Vixens for 3d Prints

Patreon Link:
Download Link (PDF – bottom): Click here!

Kyoushuneko Miniatures
is creating Pre-supported Fantasy and Sci-Fi Table Top WAR-GAMING Miniatures

Patreon Link:
Download Link (PDF – bottom): Click here!

Enjoy everyone! 😀

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