[PLAT/OMEGA TIER] December Download Link

Heya Patreon fam 😀 Here’s the download link for our minis, terrain kit, and access to our C27 Vault for this month for our PLAT/OMEGA tier fam!

Monthly Loot Crates Download Link and C27 Vault Access Link:

[Download link sent to Patreon Inbox for December Supporters – Inbox us if you haven’t received it] 

Loot Crate Released:
La Chat Noir
Hot Wings
Dr. Tentickles Calamari
Sonic Disco
Mercury Blue
Tesla Zapper
Friendly Tingle
Grumpy Kitty
Ms. Magneta
Rhi-not Horni

Terrain kit:
Size 1 – 4

Loot Crate Releasing this month:
Asteroid Riser

Added to C27 Vault:
Character Cards: Blob, Onslaught, Black Cat

Miniature: Jane Foster Thor (Thunder Lady)!

Bases: Rocky Bases

Custom Bases > Modules > Shoes > Rollerskates.stl


C27 Minis & Terrain

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