Rebranding! :)

Heya Patreon fam. As you’ve noticed, I’ve rebranded our Patreon and Discord server to C27 Collectibles. I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and figured to take the leap of faith. Changing it to C27 makes it not limited to my efforts alone but makes it its own entity, it’s own studio. I’m still the the sole owner of this entity at the moment but I believe taking this first step moves us into the right direction. Soon, as our Patreon number grows, I’ll hire monthly artists and marketers. Oh and why C27? My earliest memory of me playing with toys, watching Biker Mice from Mars on the TV, or crafting wolverine claws or cyclops’ visors with cellophane was growing up in our little apartment in Hong Kong – Flat C, 27th floor 🙂 

There are 2 major changes that also come with the rebranding.

I’ve merged the Dark Arts tier with the Heroes and Villains tier. Although the Zbrush feedback and support is still included in the tier, I felt like it was unfair to you all since I haven’t fulfilled  the rest of the tiers rewards well. We can still share any Zbrush work you guys are doing and I’ll gladly give feedback and support any queries you have. I’ve merged the Discord categories already and can continue to give feedback and support there. For those currently in the Dark Arts tier, feel free to drop your pledge to Heroes and Villains before July 1 🙂

I need your help with the second major change. I’d like to enter into the miniatures world and would love get your insight on some of the miniatures board games or worlds you are already into. I have some idea on where I’d like to go with it but your insight would really help. I’m still doing figures for now, but if it’s something we can transition to in the near future with your support, I believe it could help push this Patreon into greater heights. If we do transition into the miniature world, I’ll still work on figures but I won’t release monthly. I would work on these figures for a longer time which means better quality and not rushed into a months capabilities. When they’re finished, I’ll release it to the Heroes & Villains and New Gods. Miniatures will be released monthly.

Like mentioned above, I’d love to get your insight on the miniatures gaming you are already into, what you’d like to get, and where you stand with all this. Please help me understand better through this Google Form: 

Thank you so much. I’m not able to do many things without all the support you’ve given. I just want to make this Patreon worth it for you all and keep it growing. You all are the best community I could ever have imagined when starting all this. You all have my utmost respect. Love you all. 


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