September Release Previews!

Heya everyone! Check out what we’ll be making in September!!!!

Thank you for your suggestions in our Discord everyone! Gen here and I’m super excited to show you all what we’ll be making this upcoming with your support!

For our comic releases, I’ve searched through the suggestions and the teams we’re forming 😀 And have come up with this list for September! Looking epic! Thank you for all the fire reacts 🙂

– Black Noir
– Vindicator
– Thor
– Siryn
– Nimrod
– Rocket Racoon
– Silver Samurai
– Shuma Gorath
– Iron Fist
– Lady Deathstrike

Stacked cast!

For our fantasy releases, we have this awesome line up!

We looooved your suggestions in our Discord and Forge has compiled them up for September! 

– Chucklehead
– Boggle
– Cockatrice
– Harengan Fighter
– Magmin

Hope you’re liking our fantasy releases so far!

Finally we have our tabletop terrain!

We’re starting something new and EPIC this September! We’ll be making the Helicarrier! It’ll span to November 😀 3 months of epicness! This is gonna be something to build for sure 😀 

Tacos will be separating the road and platform into modules and making size 1-3 props for them as well 😀


So yeah, BRING ON SEPTEMBER! 😀 Let’s reach 1000 subs! 😀 


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