September Release – Steampunk Catwoman (Diorama 3 out of 3)

// 2 Oct

This was truly an amazing experience working on our first diorama! I really like how beautiful the concept was made by Gjorne 🙂 The elegance of the costume design really makes our ladies pop! I hope you all like them <3 I really like the design of each of the torsos. They’re different yet in the same thematic. I enjoyed making the clock tower and use lots of Zmodeller 😀 I also like how all our ladies are in different heights and boob sizes too 😛 

I’m actually learning a new way to render so I’ll be working on that this weekend.  I’m gonna make our full diorama look even better! It deserves all the glory <3

This month (October), I’m glad to announce that everyone will receive TWO full models this month. For those who missed Harley in July, you’ll be receiving our model of the month AND Harley 🙂 For Poison Ivy, you will receive her next month because our diorama is a 3-month subscription 😀 For those who’ve already received our whole diorama, you’ll be receiving our model of the month PLUS one more full figure as well <3 Watch out for our October release post coming up shortly!

Again, thank you all for your support, feedback, and patience with your first diorama. I would love to make another one! For now, watch out for our October release post. Exciting stuff on the way! 

Much love to you all,

// 15 Sept

Here’s how our current catwoman’s progress is looking! I’m pretty happy with how the base and how she is turning out with the rest of the sirens <3 I’ll keep adjusting her pose and her face before updating her anatomy and adding details to her costume and base. Feel free to check out my Twitch channel where I stream her process <3


This month we are finishing our first diorama with Selina Kyle <3 Steampunk Catwoman! Gjorne has made a beautiful concept and I’m excited to craft this nimble thief. I’ll also be working on the clock tower since the side towers are roughly symmetrical with Ivy’s base as well. This is gonna wrap up our Steampunk Gotham City Sirens!!! <3 More updates soon!

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