The C27 Vault 2023!

Heya everyone! Gen here 😀 

Welcome to our C27 Vault 2023! This year, this is our growing library for all our patrons. You’ll have access to this expanding collection if you’re a supporter this 2023. We will add to this list throughout the year, may it be from extra content, previous content, scaled down statues, etc. They will be accessible through here 🙂

We’ve already added a few of our past 2022 releases in it to get it started. There’s a few minis and terrain from some teams and themes from last year.

For those that are new, welcome! Access to our C27 Vault 2023 and releases in MyMiniFactory are given every weekday at 10PM (London Time). Please check the email you used for Patreon in the inbox, spam, or junk folder for the invite! If you haven’t received the invite, please message us in the #patreon-tickets channel in our Home of C27 Discord Server 🙂

Here’s what’s in the C27 Vault 2023 so far:

Comic Characters:

Tabletop Terrain:

Game Mat:

Stay tuned for more additions and updates!

C27 Studio

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