What’s Releasing this November? These AWESOME stuff! :D

Heya everyone, Gen here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s content! The releases are so awesome and we’ll continue the awesomeness next month! I’m glad to announce that these are what we’ll be making next month (November) for our weekend releases!!!

Thank for your suggesting these in our Discord server and placing those fire reacts!

For November, we’ll be making our fan art minis for:
– Kang
– Abomination
– Shang Chi
– Elsa Bloodstone
– Piledriver
– The Deep
– Madelyn Pryor
– Beta Ray Bill
– The Box
– Moonstar

Thanks again for the suggestions! This is awesome list for an awesome month!

Here’s what we’ll be making for our tableop terrain!

We’re at our final stretch for the Motherboard Carrier 😀

We’ll having the:
– Final piece for large mothership
– Missile Rockets
– Crates
– Water
– Spotlight

This is going great and I hope you like what you see so far!


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