Your Suggestions Come To Life! (August Releases Preview)

Heya everyone! It’s me, your friendly creator Gen-man! hahaha (damn that was corny)

ANYWAY! Tacos, Forge, and I loooooved your suggestions in our Discord server! Thanks for adding them and placing that fire emote for what you all like too! We already have our plans with what we’d like to release but we also love merging your ideas with ours 😀 So without further adue (spelling?) lol

Here’s what we’ll be making this August!

For our Comic Releases, we have…

These are going to be awesome fan art minis! We’ll be having Daredevil to continue our Defenders lineup, our Groot to continue our Guardians, Marina to continue our Alpha Flight, Johnny Storm to end our Fantastic Four, the all guns blazing War Machine, New Mutants Cannonball, the badass Stryfe, closing out the Mojoverse with Longshot, and continuing our The Seven with Starlight!

I thought it was so funny that ya’ll suggested Pizza Poppa, so hey let’s do him! We also actually have a food cart that’s similiar to his cart. Perhaps we can just modify it to make it a pizza food cart 😛

Now… For our Fantasy Releases, we have…

We loved the idea to have Eddie as a bard! So Forge has rounded out an amazing cast for our Fantasy releases this August with the Baldur’s Gate Descent into Avernus! Cause you know… it’s like going to the… upside down? get it? haha LOVE IT! We’ll be having the Bard, Mad Maggie, Haruman, Raggadragga, and LULU the HollyPaint! Damn that’s a cutie!

And lastly for our awesome next lineup of vehicles for our Terrain Releases, we have…

Awwww yeah! We love how you liked our vehicles this July! We’re continuing that this August! Thank you for all the suggestions in our Discord 😀 We’ll be making the S.H.I.E.L.D Flying Car, Punisher’s Battle Van, the Milano for the major vehicles! How awesome! We’ll also be releasing the Platform Trolley, Dolly Cart, Pizza Scooter, and a S.H.I.E.L.D SUV! 

Are you excited yet for August?? CAUSE WE ARE 😀 Thank you for your support this July! Let’s go onward to August with our last July Loot Crate release tomorrow!

Also, surprise release tonight 😉 we’ve reached 900 patrons this month! 😀 

Gen <3

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