1st Diorama Poll!

Our poll for our 1st diorama is now up!! 😀 Depending on the complexity of the diorama, the number of months it will take will be announced after the poll is done. Cast your vote now! This is exciting stuff 😀 

You can vote more than once. Please check out all the photos for our choices before you vote. Voting closes on May 30!

There’s a lot of suggestions. I’ve compiled all our suggestions from Patreon comments and Discord. We’ve hit the maximum allowed number of poll options to put in Patreon’s poll so I put together the similiar options. If an option that has multiple topics win the votes, we’ll have a quick separate poll for it.

References (Click names for photos):
Photos may not be final poses or design yet. It’s just a general feel for the characters then for us to explore afterwards

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